iPhone 5c White

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Apple iPhone 5C 8GB - (SIM Free, Unlocked)

For the colourful.
The Apple iPhone 5c enables you to express yourself with the colour of your choice. The Apple iPhone 5c believes that colour reveals your personality and makes a statement. It’s not just for lovers of colour. It’s for the colourful.

The Apple iPhone 5c is built around a steel-reinforced frame that also acts as an antenna. It’s attached to the outer shell in individual pieces, then laser-welded together to achieve a precise fit. This structural integrity makes the Apple iPhone 5c pleasingly solid to the touch — unlike any plastic phone you’ve ever held. The Apple iPhone 5c feels as significant as it looks. 

Just as noticeable as the addition of colour is the absence of compromise.
The Apple iPhone 5c’s performance is instantly recognisable even though its appearance seems new. The Apple‑designed A6 chip delivers impressive performance and graphics. The Apple iPhone 5c has a greater battery life as it is incredibly energy efficient, so you can use your iPhone throughout the day without worrying about battery life. The 8MP iSight camera lets anyone anywhere take an amazing photo anytime. The 4‑inch Retina display produces images with vivid clarity.

iOS 7 and iPhone 5c — a beautiful example of software and hardware designed together.
Colour dominates the iOS 7 operating system from Apple from the clean, thoughtfully redesigned icons, to the colour-matched wallpapers that seem to radiate through the Home screen. The iOS 7 was designed with the colours of iPhone 5c in mind.

It is also very evident that the iOS 7 brightens the tasks you perform every day. It automatically organises your photos for you, based on where and when you took each picture. The AirDrop feature lets you share documents, contacts and videos wirelessly and directly with people nearby. The iOS 7 even enhances the experience of reading a web page as Safari recedes into the background, so you see more content and less browser. 

Engineered to the brightest specifications.
The Apple iPhone 5c has the things that made the Apple iPhone 5 an amazing phone such as iOS 7, A6 chip, an 8MP iSight camera, a4-inch Retina display and Ultra‑fast wireless.. All in a completely new design that feels great in your hand. 

Design. Brilliant colour. And construction.
The Apple iPhone 5c is beautifully, unapologetically plastic, the better to bring its five decidedly uncommon colours to life. Beneath the smooth surface of the seamless outer shell, a steel-reinforced frame provides structural integrity. So the Apple iPhone 5c feels reassuringly solid in your hand. 

A6 chip. It does everything fast. Except drain your battery.
You can launch your favourite apps, load your favourite blog, download, watch videos and play games with amazing graphics with the Apple iPhone 5c with improved speeds.

Long battery life.
The A6 chip is designed to be extremely energy efficient, so you can spend your day taking advantage of all the features and apps on your Apple iPhone 5c without worrying about battery life. 1


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